Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Aaron and Team

Aaron and Team, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Aaron Mulaki and his colleagues from CHF International hosted more than 30 NGO partner organizations for a 3-day CCL Leadership Essentials Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya this past July, 2007.

Dou Fall

Dou Fall, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Dou Fall is a Master's student at UNC-Greensboro from Senegal, West Africa working as an intern with the Center for Creative Leadership on the Global Voice of Leadership (GVOL) initiative. The goal of GVOL is to bring innovative, affordable, and accessible leadership development to base of the pyramid economies around the globe.

Debra Millar

Debra Millar, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Debra is Country Director for CHF International / Kenya working with 40 NGO partner organizations to bring HIV/AIDS prevention and public health to villages across Kenya.


Rose, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Rose is a house mother for 15 orphaned girls ages 6 month to 17 years in Buundo, Uganda outside of Jinja.

Steadman and Ngozi

Steadman and Ngozi, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Ngozi Obigwe is a lead trainer for LEAP Africa - a Nigerian organization with a mission and vision focused on increasing organizational capacity in Africa through leadership development.

Charles Owat

Charles Owat, originally uploaded by talk2steadman.

Charles was a successful manager in a local factory in Northern Uganda until the war with the LRA brought business to an end. He is now the head of the Good Shepherd's Fold security guards as wall as a talented musician.