Friday, September 7, 2007

What do I want to get out of the 23Things experience? What would I like to learn more about?

Our Information Center at CCL recently offered our employees an opportunity to learn more about the many technology applications available to all of us via the web. This blog and the topic of this first post is part of the 'homework' for our group.

My personal goal for this 23Things experience, is to come away having learned some new tools with which we can engage the external world on the topic of leadership. Our president, John Ryan, has challenged each of us to embrace our organizations belief about Creative Leadership ~ we need to grow our capacity to think and act beyond boundaries to achieve more than imagined. My hope is that a blog such as this one that I've titled, Leadership Beyond Boundaries, can be a place where our partners and clients around the world can share their experience with one another. I would like to see many of our employees contributing their thoughts and questions regarding creative leadership.

In addition to blogs, there are so many other tools for social networking, knowledge management, shared creation and innovation space, and new modes and methods for communicating. I'm looking forward to exploring these technologies with my colleagues and learning more about the possibilities.

Best regards ~ Steadman

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David_M_Horth said...

Nice name and nice start with the fancy logo Steadman!